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  • Soft and Breezy Fabrics

    Fabric plays a major role in the comfortability and attractiveness of sexy nightwear.

    To make your customers look and feel good, our sexy pajamas are made of nylon, satin, polyester, and spandex, which have many appealing qualities consumers want from their lingerie. Nylon is resistant against wrinkles and shrinkage while satin has a beautiful gloss that gives garments a luxurious surface.

    Customers will gravitate to your business thanks to Gagaopt sexy nightwear made with quality fabric. Our lingerie range made from different fabrics can target specific markets to increase your business’ profit margins.

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  • Quick Delivery

    We can quickly ship your order of sexy pajamas from our factory in only 3 days, while custom lingerie takes around 25 to 45 days to reach your business.

    Our manufacturing line is capable of creating 50,000 lingerie models in a month and we have 300,000 stocked undergarments we can readily ship out.

    Your business will have enough supply to meet spiking demands for sexy nightwear during major holidays because of a short lead-time.

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  • Competitive Wholesale Price

    The cost of our sexy pajamas is lower than competing lingerie factories in the market. We are capable of offering competitive prices on our catalog because of careful cost control on materials. You can save money when buying our wholesale nightwear line.

    Gagaopt’s affordable prices give you more option to expand your catalog of voluptuous undergarments to diversify your target market, which leads to high-profit margins.

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